About us

Welcome to Whiskey28!

Our Mission

At The Whiskey28 we are seek to provide whiskey glassware to our generation of whiskey drinkers. For whiskey drinkers remain the true  frontiersmen of the world. Those who embrace the fire of that violent first sip, the smokey, iodine laced siren call of peat and the enduring warming embrace of the spirit in our stomachs. 


What do we do?

We started The whiskey with one goal, to live our whiskey. To learn, understand, optimise and enjoy the entire whiskey experience. We started by keeping a record of fine whiskies. Tasting, learning, loving and living them.

In time we became obsessed with the whiskey glassware. We sought to make glasses and decanters that would exalt the whiskey experience. 

We designed our glasses so that every pour honors the legion of whiskey drinkers before us, Nikola Tesla, William Faulkner and Winston Churchill. Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra & Raymond Chandler. Those fabled drammers to whom we remain bonded in love of the liquid gold.

Our Promise To You

The Whiskey28 will continue to provide glassware worthy of the blessed sprit you choose to pour. We will ship promptly, via registered shipping with track and trace, we will replace items that don't appear or don't meet expectations. And most importantly, we will continue to enjoy our whiskey!
If you are looking for something we don't have or just want to chat whiskey feel free to contact us on support@whiskey28.com